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  • Are you frustrated with navigation on tiny screens, juggling between phone calls and directions or apps that run in the background and deplete your phone's battery?
  • Does your navigation need a data connection to give you directions and leave you hanging just when you need it most?
  • Have you ever been stuck in traffic and passed a side street wondering if it would lead to anywhere or if it was a valid shortcut?
  • Have you ever had trouble finding a business place, parking lot, food place, ATM or Government building?
  • Were you ever forced to make a detour and had no idea how to get back to your original route?
  • Have you ever looked for a road sign and it was missing/broken/stolen/vandalised/never erected?
  • Were you ever low on gas in a strange area and wondered where the nearest fuel station was?
  • Did you ever run out of cash and needed to find the nearest ATM urgently?
  • Is your teenager a new driver on the road and you need something to ensure that they remain safe and always get to their destination safely?

        Well then mNAV is for you Ö..

So what really is GPS Navigation and mNAV? mNav Added Benefits

To find out all about GPS Navigation and mNAV we advise you have a close look at our mNAV Tech Videos:


Searching an Address

Searching a Point of Interest

Additional Info

GPS Navigation involves the installation the use of a Personal Navigation Device (PND) usually mounted on the dashboard of your vehicle. The PND shows a moving street map as you drive while giving you turn by turn directions. Mora Systems is authorized by Garmin International to use their proprietary Mapsource Technology for compilation of mNav map data onto Garmin PNDs.


Founded in 1989, Garmin is a pioneer in Global Positioning System (GPS) devices and the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sale of GPS equipment.  The company has built and sold millions of GPS products that serve the automotive, aviation, marine, consumer, wireless, OEM, and general recreation markets.


You can type in any destination in Trinidad & Tobago and then it will take you there! How?

In addition to the great benefit of being able to find any place in T&T, our systems can help you even more.

After you buy your Garmin PND from us, you are not limited to itís use in T&T. For a small fee, you can download maps of the US, Canada, Australia, India, China and more on the internet via Garminís website or any licensed third party developerís site (depending on the location). So you can use your PND device all over the world. Now that is value you cannot beat!

And some of our models have Bluetooth hands free calling for safety while you are driving.


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Latest Version is 9.4

See us on Garmin's Website


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