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mNav Map Purchase 

Before you purchase ...

Ensure that your GARMIN device is one of the following models:

  • Nüvi® 

  • Dakota® 

  • Oregon® 

  • eTrex Vista® 

  • eTrex Legend® 

A single mNav Map license retails online for 140USD 


Note 1: mNav maps will in NO way interfere with your existing maps of the US, UK, Canada, Europe, etc. on your Garmin.


Note 2: Purchasing an mNav map entitles you to one FREE map update to the next version. Subsequent map updates cost 40USD (online) per year for unlimited updates within the year.


KENWOOD DNX OWNERS: If your map is to be purchased for a Kenwood DNX series in-dash system, you will NOT be able to perform it online. This type of install can only be performed at our office. Call us at 1-868-662-3605. 


(Disclaimer: mNAV maps are installed as a supplementary image file in your Garmin. Any existing supplementary image files will be deleted. Maps of US, UK, Canada, Europe, etc are NOT installed as supplementary image files and will therefore be protected.)


Purchasing Process ... 3 Easy Steps


Fill out the "Map Purchase Request Form" shown below this section.


Once you fill out the form, you will then be directed to Paypal.



Once you have made your purchase on Paypal, you will receive an email from Mora Systems Limited within 2 working days with a link and full instructions showing how to install your mNav Map on your Garmin device.



Map Purchase Request Form (please fill all fields)


Your E-mail address:
Please ensure that you fill the next field correctly.
Your Garmin Unit ID is NOT found anywhere on the body of the device. You have to turn the device ON to obtain it. Scroll down to the instructions showing how to get your Garmin Unit ID.
Garmin Unit ID:





How to get your Garmin Unit ID ... 5 Easy Steps


Power on your Garmin Device and get to the main screen. Click on <Tools> as shown below:


Then click on <Settings> as shown below:


Then click on <System> as shown below:


Then click on <About> as shown below:


You will then see the Unit ID as shown below. This is the number you will be entering above for authentication:




Buy a Garmin with T&T Maps


Buy T&T Maps for your Garmin 


Update your Garmin T&T Map

Latest Version is 9.4

See us on Garmin's Website


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